Tips for planning the perfect outdoor wedding.

Tips for planning the perfect outdoor wedding.

There's something magical about an outdoor wedding. Being surrounded by nature as you say your vows can make your day even more special. Whether you're thinking of holding your event at a local venue, at a family house, or on the waterfront, there are some important things to keep in mind so your day is perfect no matter what.

Many couples choose outdoor weddings and receptions because the event can be highly customizable. Additionally, the venue provides the opportunity to save money because you can rent everything you need.

1. Tents protect from all types of weather

Making sure you and your guests are comfortable is very important, and renting tents is the easy way to add comfort and protection to your outdoor wedding space. During hot summer months, tents protect from the harsh sun. If Mother Nature decides to be testy, tents can protect from rain and minor wind issues. We have a wide selection of tents for rent, from the beautiful sailcloth tents to frame tents, and we can also add a beautiful drapery liner and chandeliers for that finishing touch.

Our rental coordinators at SOHO can help provide insight into the type of weather to expect for the time of year you're getting married, and can give advice on any extras you may want to order. From simple open-air tents to options with flooring, fans or air conditioning, you will find the right one for your dream wedding.

2. Customize with the ideal decorations

A tent provides a blank canvas, and from there you can create the atmosphere you desire. First decide on your vision. Are you thinking a casual outdoor event, or something more formal? How about a color scheme or a theme you'd like to follow?

Next, prioritize the most important elements. For example, if you want a formal, beach-themed wedding, you might want to rent chandeliers for in the tents, and blue linens and sashes for the tables and chairs. Almost anything you can imagine can be rented, saving you time and money.

3. Decide on the right food options

Serving food and drinks in an outdoor environment takes a bit of extra planning. Be sure to interview caterers who have experience working outdoors with tented events and are familiar with the area where you'll be getting married. Ask your caterer what tables you need to rent to display/serve your menu and your rental coordinator will help you select china, silverware and glassware with appropriate counts.

An experienced caterer can help ensure that cold foods stay cold and hot ones stay warm so that guests have an enjoyable meal. If you're planning to provide the food yourself, make sure to rent the appropriate equipment to keep food temperatures safe. To make food prep easier, consider renting a portable kitchen if the facility doesn't have an option for you to use.

4. Plan for a seamless experience

Unless you're planning a backyard wedding, most of your guests will not be familiar with the event space. Clearly mark any areas where guests might get confused or lost. For example, use signs to tell guests where the tents are located and provide luminaries and strings of lights on pathways to the bathrooms or parking facilities.

Being able to hear well can also be an issue outdoors. Rent speakers for the ceremony and be sure to have the proper music equipment for the reception. Remember, most public outdoor spaces have noise ordinance, so check with the city to see about any restrictions or permits you may need.

Planning an outdoor wedding can be easy and affordable when you utilize a rental service. Remember to plan ahead and give your vendors as much notice as possible so you can get everything you want for your big day. Call SOHO today (251) -517-7522 for more information.

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