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First Dance Songs of 2014 - John Legend

John Legend Wedding First Dance Song

Cause all of me / Loves all of you / Love your curves and all your edges / All your perfect imperfections
— John Legend

With the summer wedding season in full swing, we thought we share some of our favorite first dance songs we have hearing for 2014. We've created a playlist on our Youtube channel where we will be updating as we hear more favorites.

The first video we are going to share from the playlist is John Legend's 'All of Me', this a billboard top 100 song and has really taken off with brides in 2014. It has some of the most romantic lyrics in a song today, and you can see why so many couples are falling in love with this song. It's also been reported that John Legend performed his hit live at the Kim & Kanye wedding.

I don't think we have ever shared how big of fans we have been of John Legend for years. This started in about 2006 when we were working at the award winning Marriott Shoals Hotel & Spa, and the 360 Grille Restaurant in Florence, Al. 360 Grille Restaurant sits high atop a tower in Florence and rotates to give you a panoramic view of the skyline and sunset, there is nightly entertainment with a piano player / jazz combo and we would request that they play John Legend's 'Save Room' each night:)

Wedding Songs - First Dance - Louis Armstrong

Wedding Songs

We love all the great music that is played at weddings and really enjoy getting to see the couples personality come through in their first dance. We are creating a collection of our favorite songs on our Wedding Songs page.

We decided that we would start with one of the most popular first dance musicians of all time Mr. Louis Armstrong and 'Bout Time. Enjoy!

How can you not love these lyrics:


'Bout time, 'bout time we had the taste of wasted time 
Like love à deux, I wasted time alone with you 
'Bout time we two were livin' out a lovely dream come true 
'Bout you, 'bout me, 'bout love, ye-e-s-s-s 
'Bout time, 'bout time we spent good time with no one near 
To watch me while I say a little somethin' in your ear 
'Bout how I care, 'bout how I wanna make my feelin's clear 
About you, 'bout me, 'bout love 
We're in deep water, Darlin', clear over my head 
'Bout time to either sink or swim, let's swim, 'nuff said 
'Bout time, 'bout time we didn't have to always steal a kiss 
'Bout time, 'bout time I had my arms around your waste like this 
My whole life through I wanna make you feel the way I do 
'Bout you, 'bout me, 'bout love