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Wedding Rentals in Pensacola, Fl

Party Rentals in Pensacola Fl

Pensacola Fl is a town rich in history dating back over 450 years. With events ranging from the annual Mardi Gras celebration and Bushwhacker Festival to monthly events such as Downtown Pensacola Gallery Night, it’s no surprise this town also has a lot of party rentals. When you are talking about party rentals, this includes everything from elegant wedding rentals, tent rental, event furniture rental, chiavari chairs rental or wedding arches.

A Few different options for Party Rentals in Pensacola Fl

Tent Rental Pensacola Fl

Tent Rental Pensacola Fl

Tent Rental Pensacola Fl

Tent rental in Pensacola and Santa Rosa county is common for outdoor venues and events as it provides a few benefits, namely protecting you and your guests from mother nature - the sun and rain. Tents come in many different sizes and you can add many options, such as walls, liners, and fans. We offer tent rentals in many different sizes to fit all your guests under the tent during your event.

 Event Furniture Rental

White Leather Loveseat for rent

White Leather Loveseat for rent

When you talk about weddings and party rentals, one of the latest wedding themes is adding event furniture. By adding lounge furniture, or a rattan wicker set, you are creating a new space for your wedding guests to enjoy your event.

Chiavari Chairs Rental

Chiavari chairs are one way that you can dress up your wedding or event and make a statement. Chiavari chairs have a long history of being the chair rental of choice for elegant events, and have been used at The White House, State Dinners, and even and the Kennedy wedding of JFK and Jackie O. We have a great blog post on the history of chiavari chairs.

Wedding Arches / Arbors

Wedding arches and arbors are most commonly associated with beach weddings in Pensacola, but we also see wedding arches at golf courses and back yard weddings. We have a wide variety of arbors / arches we different colors, and material.